Great Summer Positions with the Forest Service

US Forest Service Forest Health Protection is currently advertising three seasonal technician positions at two grade levels in Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks on USAJobs.   This is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in entomology and/or enjoys working in the field!  The positions are only open until Thursday, Feb 4th:

GS4 level:

GS5 level:

Climate oscillations, glacial refugia, and dispersal ability: factors influencing the genetic structure of the least salmonfly, Pteronarcella badia (Plecoptera), in Western North America

The article appeared in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. See the URI below.

Sproul et al. 2015, Fig. 3. Fig. 3 A map showing the distribution of sample localities for P. badia across portions western North America. Clade membership (as identified in Fig. 4) for all specimens at a given locality is represented by color. Clade names are abbreviated as follows. Widespread (WS), Northern Rockies (NR), Western Great Basin (WGB), Pacific Northwest (PNW), Old Rio Grande (ORG), and Old Colorado Plateau (OCP)