Working agenda for the annual meeting

A printable, pdf version of the agenda below is also available.

Alaska Entomological Society Sixth Meeting, 25-26 Jan 2013

Alaska Department of Natural Resources large conference room, 3700 Airport Way, Fairbanks (DNR Building; Actually on Sportsman’s Way across from Fred Meyer West gas station.  Enter via employee’s entrance – door next to loading dock. Large conference room is straight in, jog right, then jog left)


Friday, 25 January

Time                                       Activity/Talk Title – Presenter  

1900-2100         Optional social, Derek Sikes residence

Saturday, 26 January, Location: DNR Large Conference Room

Time                                       Activity/Talk Title – Presenter              

0900-0920         Welcome, introductions, general announcements

0920-0945         Round robin of entomological activities in Alaska (Bioblitz, new projects, classes, opportunities, other – bring your idea or announce your project!)

0945-1005         The University of Alaska Museum Insect Collection’s switch to using Arctos: A review of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Derek Sikes, UAF, UAM.

1005-1020         A first look at defoliation events on the Kenai Peninsula from 2000-2012 using MODIS data. Matt Bowser, USFWS.

1020-1035         Break

1035-1055         Developing an improved trapping tool to survey cerambycid beetles: evaluation of trap type, height, habitat, and lure composition. Liz Graham, USDA Forest Service.

1055-1120         White Sweetclover, Pollination and Berry Production: What’s the Buzz? Christa Mulder, Katie Villano, and Laura Schneller, UAF.

Student Talks

1120-1135         Systematics of Alaskan Aegialites Beetles: Extremely Endemic or Oversplit?. Casey Bickford, UAF, UAM.

1135-1155         Denali Bug Camp 2012. Sayde Ridling, UAF, UAM.

1155-1300         Lunch

1300-1315         The 2012 Red Admiral invasion of Alaska, and other lepidopteran oddities. Ken Philip, Alaska Lepidoptera Survey, UAF, UAM.

1315-1330         Forest insect conditions in Alaska. James Kruse, USDA Forest Service.

1330-1333         An origami unit tray in three minutes flat. Matt Bowser, USFWS.

1333-1400         Break

1400-1600         Society business meeting

  Membership, membership management

  Election/re-election of officers

  Communications: website, newsletter

1600-1630         Bin items, farewell