Quick review of the sixth annual meeting

We met in the DNR building amid Fairbanksian winter weather (-30’s °F).  Students, professionals, and a guest speaker gave talks on a wide variety of entomological topics.  The Student Presentation Award goes to UAF student Casey Bickford for her presentation, “Systematics of Alaskan Aegialites Beetles: Extremely Endemic or Oversplit?”

At the business meeting, we committed to judging and awarding prizes for entomological projects at three regional science fairs (Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau) to encourage students’ entomological pursuits. Liz Graham (US Forest Service, Juneau) was elected as our new vice president.

Appearing soon will be more products of the meeting:  a more complete review in the upcoming Newsletter, presentations posted on this website, and minutes from the business meeting.

Thanks to Derek Sikes and Jim Kruse for opening up their homes for get-togethers on Friday and Saturday.