Denali Bioblitz, June 26-29, 2014

Denali National Park and Preserve will be hosting a multi-day bioblitz focused on arthropods from July 26-29, 2014. On Saturday (July 26th), scientists will lead citizen science survey activities in the front-country (i.e., in areas accessible by trails near the park entrance), including demonstrations of collecting techniques, and viewing and discussion of specimens at the park visitor center. The following three days (July 27-29) will be based at the MSLC Field Camp near Teklanika Campground at mile 29 on the park road (with accommodations in tent cabins). This will provide opportunities for a limited number of scientists, students, and other registered participants to collect arthropods in less accessible areas of the park.

Please contact Jessica Rykken at if you are interested in participating in the bioblitz as a scientist, student, or other interested entomologist!