Aquatic insect community structure and secondary production in southcentral Alaska streams with contrasting thermal and hydrologic regimes

In her M.Sc. thesis, dated December 2016, Samantha Hertel analyzed aquatic arthropod communities in the Copper River Delta.

Hertel, S. D. 2016. Aquatic insect community structure and secondary production in southcentral alaska streams with contrasting thermal and hydrologic regimes (Order No. 10241078). M.Sc. thesis, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois.

Climate oscillations, glacial refugia, and dispersal ability: factors influencing the genetic structure of the least salmonfly, Pteronarcella badia (Plecoptera), in Western North America

The article appeared in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. See the URI below.

Sproul et al. 2015, Fig. 3. Fig. 3 A map showing the distribution of sample localities for P. badia across portions western North America. Clade membership (as identified in Fig. 4) for all specimens at a given locality is represented by color. Clade names are abbreviated as follows. Widespread (WS), Northern Rockies (NR), Western Great Basin (WGB), Pacific Northwest (PNW), Old Rio Grande (ORG), and Old Colorado Plateau (OCP)

Alaska freshwater crustacean news: crayfish reproducing in Alaska and a new obscure, interstitial, subterranean arthropod from Alaska

Signal crayfish breeding in the Buskin River drainage, Kodiak Island

It appears that the signal crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus, is now established in Alaska.  See the articles below.

Invasive Species Breeding in Buskin River

Another Crawdaddy Found in Buskin

A new species of bathynellid from Alaska

Camacho, A.I., R.L. Newell, Z. Crete, B.A. Dorda, A.Casado., and I. Rey. 2015. Northernmost discovery of Bathynellacea (Syncarida: Bathynellidae) with description of a new species of Pacificabathynella from Alaska (USA). Journal of Natural History.

From the abstract:

A new species of the genus Pacificabathynella Schminke and Noodt, 1988 is described from groundwaters of Alaska (USA). This is the first record of Bathynellacea Chappuis, 1915 from the far north of America.

These were from the Kwethluk River (60.34520N, 161.089146W) on the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.