Newsletter, Volume 16 (2024), Issue 1 (January)

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Two biocontrol insects of invasive yellow toadflax self-established in Anchorage, Alaska: the toadflax flower-feeding beetle and the toadflax seed capsule weevil
Alexandria Wenninger

Work on a spider list for Alaska
Jozef Slowik

New pollinators and insect visitors to orchids in Southeast Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, and components of the orchid pollinator network in Southeast Alaska
Marlin Bowles and Bob Armstrong

An Alaska review of The Social Wasps of North America
Alexandria Wenninger

Review of the sixteenth annual meeting
Dana Brennan

Metabarcoding pollinators on Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Matt Bowser, Anya Bronowski, and Dom Watts

Defoliation of haskap shoots by the honeysuckle moth in Southcentral Alaska
Alexandria Wenninger

The beehive honey moth as a pest of stored honey bee comb in Alaska
Alexandria Wenninger