2021 AKES Newsletter posted

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Assessment of the pinned specimen digitization progress of the University of Alaska Museum Insect Collection
Ashley L. Smith, Derek S. Sikes, Taylor L. Kane, Adam Haberski, Jayce B. Williamson, Renee K. Nowicki and Michael J. Apperson

Bugs in winter
John Hudson and Bob Armstrong

Notes on a collection of spiders from agricultural by-catch from the Matanuska-Susitna area of Alaska
Jozef Slowik

Pollination, pilfering, and predation in an orchid pollinator network in the Juneau area of Southeast Alaska
Marlin Bowles and Robert Armstrong

Review of the fourteenth annual meeting
Alexandria Wenninger and Dana Brennan

Presentations from the 14th annual meeting

Presentations and audio from the 14th annual meeting are now available via the links below.

Phylogeny and evolution of large body size in the rove beetle genus Phlaeopterus Motschulsky, 1853 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Omaliinae: Anthophagini)
Derek Sikes and Logan Mullen, UAF, University of Alaska Museum

TASC: Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops overview: Eliminating pest-related trade barriers for the Alaska peony industry with focus on thrips and Alaska USDA FAS TASC: morphological studies of thrips associated with peonies
Curtis Knight, AK Dept. Natural Resources and Ben Diehl, Washington State University.

The diversity and distribution of Alaskan Boreus
Taylor Kane, UAF

First record of Scaphinotus hoodooensis from Idaho, first records of Scaphinotus regularis from Montana, review of the geography of species in subgenus Pseudonomaretus (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Cychrini), with comments on the endemic forest invertebrate fauna of the Clearwater Refugium

The article, which mentions mentions Scaphinotus marginatus in south-central Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. appeared January 7 in Bulletin of the Oregon Entomological Society.