History of AKES

The society was established in December, 2005. The first interim board comprised Jim Kruse (president), Angie Ambourn (secretary), Dave Guinn (treasurer), Matthew Bowser, and Dominique Collet. The first meeting was held on January 26th and 27th, 2007 in Fairbanks.

AKES officers through time

YearPresidentVice PresidentTreasurerSecretary
2023Dana Brennan Robin AndrewsRoger BurnsideTaylor Kane
2022Dana Brennan Robin AndrewsRoger BurnsideTaylor Kane
2021Dana Brennan Robin AndrewsRoger BurnsideTaylor Kane
2020Alexandria WenningerRobin AndrewsRoger BurnsideTaylor Kane
2019Alexandria WenningerRobin AndrewsRoger BurnsideRenee Nowicki
2018Adam HaberskiRobin AndrewsRoger BurnsideRenee Nowicki
2017Kathryn DalyGarrett DuboisRoger BurnsideAdam Haberski
2016Logan MullenAlexandria WenningerRoger BurnsideJill Stockbridge
2015Matthew BowserLogan MullenRoger BurnsideJill Stockbridge
2014Matthew BowserJill StockbridgeRoger BurnsideJames Kruse
2013Matthew BowserElizabeth GrahamRoger BurnsideJames Kruse
2012Matthew BowserCasey BickfordRoger BurnsideJames Kruse
2011Matthew BowserDerek SikesRoger BurnsideJames Kruse
2010Matthew BowserDerek SikesRoger BurnsideJames Kruse
2009James KruseMatthew BowserRoger BurnsideDerek Sikes
2008James KruseMatthew BowserRoger BurnsideDerek Sikes
2007James KruseMatthew BowserRoger BurnsideDerek Sikes
2006James Kruse(vacant)Dave GuinnAngie Ambourn
2005James Kruse(vacant)Dave GuinnAngie Ambourn