Newsletter, Volume 13 (2020), Issue 1 (June)

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Review of the thirteenth annual meeting
Alexandria Wenninger

The brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) continues to not occur in Alaska and no specimens from Alaska have ever been archived
Derek S. Sikes

2019 Entomology Highlights from Alaska’s Forests
Garret Dubois, Stephen Burr, Elizabeth Graham, Jason Moan, Jessie Moan, Martin Schoofs, and Steve Swenson

Ground survey to assess hemlock sawfly population during a large-scale outbreak in Southeast Alaska
Elizabeth Graham

Misidentifications in science: An example based on Scathophaga impudicum (Diptera: Scathophagidae)
Derek S. Sikes

A harebrained attempt to collect during peak snowshoe hare
Adam Haberski

A pilot study examining the diet of introduced Alaska blackfish (Dallia pectoralis T. H. Bean, 1880) in Kenai, Alaska, by metabarcoding
Matt Bowser and Apphia Bowser

University of Alaska Museum Insect Collection specimen count verification
Voss Whitmore, Derek S. Sikes, and Adam Haberski

Update to the identification guide to female Alaskan bumble bees and a summary of recent changes to the Alaskan bumble bee fauna
Derek S. Sikes and Jessica J. Rykken