Butterflies of Alaska, A Field Guide

Cover of Butterflies of Alaska: A Field Guide

Butterflies of Alaska, A Field Guide, title page.

Butterflies of Alaska, A Field Guide, Second Edition. Kenelm W. Philip (Posthumous) and Clifford D. Ferris. iv + 110 pages, spiral bound with durable covers; 8.5″ x 11″. The now known 80 resident, 5 casual species, and one currently unconfirmed species are illustrated in full color. Each species entry includes information about geographic distribution, habitat, basic biology, flight period, diagnostic characters, and field behavior. A species index and plant index are included. The second edition includes the recently described (2016) Oeneis tanana as well as addresses several taxonomic issues; a flight-period graphic has been added. The book  pages have been reformatted such that there is coverage of only one species per page.  Maps have been updated to reflect additional records obtained after the first edition was published.  ISBN 978-1-945170-60-7.

Butterflies of Alaska, A Field Guide is now available for download at http://www.akentsoc.org/doc/Butterflies_of_Alaska_2nd_ed.pdf.

If you download and use this field guide, please consider a donation to the Ken Philip Fund to support Alaskan Entomological Research at the UA Museum of the North at https://uaf.edu/giving/ways/how.php. Note: In the gift designation or comments box, write or paste “Kenelm W. Philip Entomology Fund.” Thank You!