Science Fair Awards


The Alaska Entomology provides awards for one science fair project at each of Alaska’s three regional science fairs: the Alaska Science & Engineering Fair, the Interior Alaska Science Fair, and the Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair.

Award Recipients


Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair – Ian Scholl, “How small-scale mining affects percentage of macroinvertebrates (Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, Plecoptera).”

Alaska Science & Engineering Fair – Landen Hooper, “Worms.”

Interior Alaska Science Fair – Ben Brown, “What is Bugging Alaska;” and Therese Yew, “Insect Wings.”


Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair – Katherine Kane and Helen Thurston, “How water quality affects the mortality rate of Stoneflies (Plecoptera).”

Alaska Science & Engineering Fair – Jeffrey Moore, “Forest Management and Soil Insects.”

Interior Alaska Science Fair – Shinji Kawauchi, “Alaska’s Tough Butterfly.”


Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair – Gabriel Cohen, “How Sediment Slug Size Porosity Affects Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities.”

Alaska Science & Engineering Fair – Crystal McNeilly, “A Survey of Biodiversity of Aegialites beetles in Sitka Sound.”

Interior Alaska Science Fair – Aspen and Riley French, “House Cricket Habitat Selection.”


Interior Alaska Science Fair – Halbe Brown, “More of What Lies Beneath? Part Seven.”