Presentations from the 10th annual meeting

Presentations and audio from the 10th annual meeting are now available via the links below.

Willow rose cecids via Lifescanner
Matt Bowser, USFWS Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (audio, lyrics & chords)

Alaska Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey – 2016 field season
Jacque Schade, Alaska Department of Natural Resources (audio)

Lepidoptera highlights of 2016 at UAM
Kathryn Daly, Derek Sikes, Jayce Williamson, & Renee Nowicki, UAM, UAF (audio)

Phylogeny and revision of the rove beetle genus Phlaeopterus
Logan Mullen, UAF, UAM

2016 Forest health conditions and key insect species in Alaska
Stephen Burr and FHP Staff, FHP, USFS (audio)

2016 Forest insect impacts in Southcentral Alaska
Jason Moan, Alaska Division of Forestry (audio)

Entomology in Alaska’s national parks: centennial year BioBlitzes
Derek Sikes, UAM, UAF (audio)