A poem: Moths

One night as I was going out
A little moth I saw.
It was so very delicate
I only gawked in awe.
It was so very beautiful
It flew without a sound.
It fluttered around our porch light
And landed on the ground.
I watched it flit and float about
And stop at our front door.
And then it quietly flew away
And it was seen no more.

by Ethan Bowser, age 11

Building a DNA barcode library of Alaska’s nonmarine arthropods

The early version of this article in the journal Genome appeared in October 2016, but the final version was posted more recently.  Almost half (48.5%) of the known 8,277 Alaskan, non-marine-arthropod species now have associated DNA barcodes, enabling species identifications by DNA barcoding.

Sikes, D. S., M. L. Bowser, J. M. Morton, C. Bickford, S. Meierotto and K. Hildebrandt.  2017. Building a DNA barcode library of Alaska’s non-marine arthropods.  Genome 60:248-259. http://dx.doi.org/10.1139/gen-2015-0203