Presentations and poster from the 8th annual meeting

Presentations from the 8th annual meeting are available via the links below.

We’re getting there: a first look at (cheap!) next-generation barcoding of bulked arthropod samples
Matt Bowser, USFWS Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Evaluation of Lure and Trap Design to Survey for Longhorned Beetles in Southeast Alaska
Elizabeth Graham and AM Ray, USDA Forest Service.

Patterns of terrestrial insect diversity on the Seward Peninsula and notes on an Elenchus sp. (Strepsiptera: Elenchidae) host interaction
Molly McDermott, UAF, IAB.

Alaska Lepidoptera Club
Kathryn Daly, UAM.

A preliminary phylogeny of the rove beetle genus Phlaeopterus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Omaliinae)
Logan Mullen, UAF, UAM.

Hymenoptera assemblages in aspen-dominated and black spruce-dominated post-fire successional trajectories in boreal black spruce forest of interior Alaska
Alexandria Wennigner, UAF, UAM.

Analysis Challenges in Citizen Science Data
Greg Breed UAF, IAB.

Nicrophorus vespilloides (Coleoptera: Silphidae): One species or two?
Derek Sikes, UAF, UAM.

Microarthropod abundance and community structure across a boreal forest riparian chronosequence in Interior Alaska
Robin Andrews and Roger Ruess, UAF, IAB.