Presentations and posters from the 9th annual meeting

Presentations, posters, and audio from the 9th annual meeting are now available via the links below.

CAPS program in Alaska
Jacque Shade, Alaska DNR (audio)

Inventorying arthropods on Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge by next generation sequencing
Matt Bowser, USFWS; Kristin DuBour, USFWS; Beth Schulz, USFS; John Hanson, Research and Testing Laboratory (audio)

What is pestering Alaska?
Ken Perry, Paratex (audio)

Response of arthropod communities to shrub expansion in Western Alaska
Molly McDermott, IAB, UAF (audio)

An update on the Kenelm W. Phillip Lepidoptera collection at the University of Alaska Museum
Kathryn Daly, UAF, UAM (audio)

Building a DNA barcode library of Alaskan non-marine arthropods
Derek S. Sikes, UAF, UAM; Casey Bickford; Sarah Meierotto; Kyndall Hildebrandt (audio)

Highlights from the FHP program in Alaska
John Lundquist, USFS; Steve Swenson, USFS; Garret Dubois, USFS (audio)

Soil mites of interior Alaska
Robin Andrews, IAB, UAF

A preliminary morphological and molecular phylogeny of the rove beetle genus Phlaeopterus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Omaliinae: Anthophagini)
Logan Mullen, UAF, UAM; Derek S. Sikes, UAF, UAM

Post-fire succession of ant communities in boreal Alaska
Alexandria Wenninger, UAF; Diane Wagner, UAF